Von Duprin Introduces Antimicrobial Coating to its Exit Devices

June 25, 2009 at 9:53 pm | Posted in Industry Topics | Leave a comment
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Bacterial growth can cause serious problems in commercial buildings.  Institutions such as schools, day cares, hospitals and care homes are particularly vulnerable when it comes to the normal growth of harmful bacteria.  Von Duprin has responded to the problem of controlling bacterial growth in institutions and commercial buildings by developing an innovative antimicrobial coating for its exit devices and other products.

How antimicrobial coating works: Bacteria can be transmitted from human host to just about any surface that person touches.  Some surfaces are more conducive to bacterial growth than others.  Hard surfaces are typically good places for bacteria to begin multiplying.  The less porous (harder) a surface, the faster bacteria can multiply.  Bacteria that have been transferred to a hard surface, like a door, can then be transferred back to other humans, and the cycle continues.

This puts door hardware at a distinct disadvantage over many other surfaces for two major reasons: their surfaces are not very porous, and they tend to experience a lot of human contact.  Because institutions have such a high rate of traffic and human-to-surface contact, their door hardware tends to be the most vulnerable.  Combine this with the fact that those within the walls of the building live, work and study in very close contact, these institutions are ideal places for the spreading and growth of bacteria.

Bacteria must be able to take in nutrients from the environment in order to reproduce.  Von Duprin’s antimicrobial coating is made from ionic silver.  The ions in the silver coating surround the individual bacterial cells on their surfaces and prevent them from taking in the nutrients necessary to grown and multiply.  Door hardware treated with antimicrobial coating experience significantly less bacterial growth than uncoated surfaces.

Business and commercial building owners who have a significant investment in keeping those who work in and visit the premises healthy should consider Von Duprin door hardware, like exit devices, with antimicrobial coating.  Businesses and buildings that do not fall under the category of “institution” may still want to consider coated hardware, especially if buildings experience a high rate of traffic in and out every day.  The more people who come and go from a particular building in a given day increase the chances of depositing and spreading bacteria within the building.  Installing exit devices and door hardware with antimicrobial coating is a highly effective way to keep staff and patrons healthy.


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